Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Paint a Staircase Black & White - Before and After Staircase

This was a big project, but so rewarding. My stairs were gray and damaged - I knew I had to do something with them! They weren't in the best condition to strip, so I decided to paint them.

Prep your stairs by sanding them with 100 grit sandpaper. Depending on the condition of your staircase, you may need a finer or rougher grit. 

I needed to repair some areas of the steps. There was a huge gap, so I filled it with caulk saver, mixed up some Bondo, spread it on with a scraper, let dry and then sanded it smooth and level.

Prime the steps, risers and railing. Let dry completely.


I used Valspar Latex Porch & Floor Paint I purchased at Lowe's in black and white.

I painted each riser white, then moved on to painting every other step black. This is very helpful if you have to use your staircase during your project. You'll get some great exercise if you have to go upstairs!

Here's a tip. If you're painting your steps black, use a black Sharpie Permanent Marker to create a straight edge and paint to that edge. Yes, you could tape it off, but I don't have the patience for that. Paint all edges first, then fill in the center of each step.

Now go back and paint the other steps. I used two coats of each color.

My stairway to heaven...

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Make Decorative 3d Paper Stars

This is a perfect craft for your Fourth of July festivities! They'll brighten up any party.

--> 1.     Gather your supplies: Decorative paper in 6 inch squares, scissor, pencil and glue. Optional: string

2.     • With decorative side of paper facing up, fold in half, turn, and then fold in half again
• Turn over
• Fold into triangle, open up, fold the other side into a triangle and open up
• Now, tuck the scored folds into a 4 pointed star. This can take a bit of skill, but you’ll get there!

3.     Turn over and mark 1 ¼” from the straight side edge into center. Do this on all 4 sides, then cut up to that dot on all four sides.

4.     Fold flaps into center

5.   Place a bit of glue on one side of each flap

6.     Fold flaps over to adhere. Do this to both stars.

7-8. OPTIONAL. If you want to hang your star, place a piece of string on one of the flaps before folding over.

9. Now place some glue on the back of one star

10. Glue the other star to it, holding it in place for a bit.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Decorative Wood Wall part 2

A Wall in Progress

When I designed this wall in my graphic design program,  I always left the door out of the drawing. (see below) So when it came time to actually lay out that side of the wall, I wasn't sure what to do. But the more I thought about it, the door becoming part of the entire pattern was the way to go. Gene rolled his eyes but was up for the challenge...he's pretty good that way. He makes my dreams come true!

Next up, floors get sanded and stained...